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Leaving Los Angeles (and moving to Europe?!)

Saying goodbye (for now at least) to our favorite bar, our favorite swimming pool, and, of course, our favorite boys.

Neither of us are strangers to goodbyes. Since flying our respective coops (Ohio and Greece), we've put down roots all over the place — Maine, London, Cardiff, Berkeley, Rhode Island, New York, Los Angeles — usually never staying put for longer than a year or two at a time. Even our decade-long stint in New York City was scattered with rooting and uprooting; New Yorkers being notorious for changing apartments every year or so. Whether we were escaping something (rent hikes, roommates, COVID) or running toward something (family, friends, better weather, yard space, universal healthcare), we've always been on the move. And with each home we've had to part with, each picture frame we've bubble-wrapped and boxed-up, each tearful goodbye, the temptation of a new adventure has always beckoned.

About a year ago, we began to wonder what it would be like to live in Europe again (or even better, to be bi-continental — a person can dream!). This move would present many challenges:

🏡  Leaving home. Our first *real* home together in Los Angeles. Our neighbors, our friends, an actual yard, an ethical landlord — this was not easy to give up.

🪖 Military obligations. Yep, Greece still has mandatory military service. Nope, Alexi has not yet served.

💸  Money. Cause life is hella expensive, ya know.

💼  Jobs. Working in a regulated industry like finance doesn’t exactly lend itself to just livin’ anywhere in the world.

💬  Language barriers. Because Amber still hasn’t learned Greek..

🐶  Oh yeah, and we have a 26-pound lil’ angel baby dog named Kefi. A LOT more to come on that subject (specifically flying with a dog, but also just photos of her beautiful face). Moving to Europe is one thing. Moving to Europe with a dog... not as simple.

Fast-forward to now, as we sit in Alexi’s childhood bedroom in Paiania, Greece, three weeks into our journey, and it no longer seems all that daunting. With much of the credit due to Amber, whose ability to budget, plan, and organize just about anything is second to none. And this is one reason we decided to start this blog — to provide some guidance and inspiration (and solace) to those looking to make a similar journey, especially those doing it with a canine companion.

As Amber so aptly put it, "We are too old for Tik-Tok." (I mean…look at how Alexi just spelled it… “Tik-dash-Tok”). So we’re blogging like the good ole’ internet days of yore. As we explore Europe, we hope this blog will inform, educate, and also help us stay connected with friends and family. Until then, goodbye Los Angeles. We’ll miss you, even though you tried to kill us with a Hurriquake the day before we left. Packing that U-Haul was super fun…

Oh and by the way.. Alexi is Greek so:

o drómos = the road

kéfi = loosely translated as ‘fun’ but it’s one of those fun words that can’t be translated (though does a great job trying)

Now ya know.



Kudos to you for all your research and the patience, and the trials and errors it took to travel with your dog! Can't wait to hear and see pictures of all your adventures.

Stay safe and have fun!

Love you!

Aunt Chris

Amber Baumer
Amber Baumer

Oh yes, lots of patience required here! Thanks for following along with us :) I'm sure our travels will find us back in Ohio sooner or later and we can chat all about it!

Lots of love!

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